By Martin Smith -- 05 December 2021

You’ve waited 150 years for it: the story of Streatham and Brixton chess! Produced and published with the generous assistance of the Streatham Society, Movers and Takers charts the trajectory of our two ancestors (Brixton and Streatham Chess Clubs) up to their amalgamation in 1946, and then on to the present day.

Fully illustrated over 116 pages, in 20 chapters, Movers and Takers also tells of the players - whether members or not - who animated the local (and sometimes the national) chess scene.

A selection of the club’s historic games (about one per decade) is presented in an Appendix and can be played through at

Order Movers and Takers by emailing us at It is £12.50 (£10.00 for S&BCC members) plus £2.50 p&p. Bank transfer is preferred, so we will send you our a/c details. Please include your postal address with your order.

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