By Robin Haldane -- 27 September 2016

Robin Haldane is our S&BCC 2015/16 Player of the Year. He was kind enough to send us one of his games. His comments are below.

I don’t think I had any particularly outstanding games from this season but I did have an interesting game when I played in the Kings Place rapidplay on Saturday 9 July.

I finished with 3.5/6 which was better than I expected. I lost the first game, won the next two, lost the fourth, won the fifth and then drew the last game.

Luke McShane and Justin Tan were joint winners on 5.5/6.

My game in Round 3 went as follows:

The time limit was 25 minutes plus 5 seconds a move and my opponent was already down to about two minutes by move 12 while I had about ten minutes left. I think | was better in the final position. The game is a good example of my style of play if I get the chance.
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