As we are playing online for the foreseeable future, just a word about playing fair.

Naturally S&BCC does not condone cheating. Both the 4NCL online, and the London Online Chess League (LOCL) – where we have teams – require players to sign up to fair play guidelines designed to reduce it. The 4NCL has detection arrangements and banning protocols in addition to those used by their Lichess platform. The most recent 4NCL fairplay report is available here: . You will see that there have been a number of bans, with a few more players under surveillance.

The LOCL is played on Tornelo and it, too, has its anti-cheating measures and procedures. Indeed, one of our players had a LOCL loss converted to a win because, we suspect, his opponent had received external assistance (he had stopped playing when the league published game analysis statistics for some unidentified players).

There is some further advice that we would like to offer our players when online - whether playing for the club, or on their own account. You need to be aware that Lichess takes a dim view of letting your clock run down instead of resigning (and so does the club). Disconnecting instead of resigning is also bad form. Repeat offenders may get warned by the platforms, and/or their account closed.


The club’s privacy policy for club member and for visitors to the club website can be seen here.