By Angus French, Captain, London League 1 -- 28 October 2017

Our first team in the London League had a fantastic start to the season, beating Drunken Knights 1 by seven points to three. In the last decade, Drunken Knights’ first team have, more often than not, finished second in the top division - with Wood Green always coming first. Admittedly we were fortunate in that our opponents were weakened by calls for their players from other teams with matches on the same night.

Andrew S, John C, Martin S, Taiwo O and the team captain all scored wins.

I was most impressed by John Carlin’s win against Richard Black which is shown below - with analysis by Fritz 8. John provocatively played the Poisoned Pawn variation of the Najdorf Sicilian, winning a pawn at the cost of development and the initiative but holding on in a typically - for John - complex game.

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