By Martin Smith -- 14 May 2021

4NCL Online (

Although none of our three teams hit the top spots in the season just ended in the Online 4NCL, our A team finished an excellent 3rd in their 2nd Division group C of eight teams.

A team Div2/C 3rd/8 teams 5/7 match points

B team Div 7 22nd/72 teams 4/7 match points

C team Div 7 51st/72 teams 2.5/7 match points

All the S&BCC squads went out with a bang winning their last round matches convincingly. Great credit to captain Liam Hylands for so smoothly managing our 4NCL effort. There are some interesting stories to tell from the season – one of which (K,B,N v K) we reprint from the club’s internal magazine Chess in Lockdown in this News and Games section of the website.

London Online Chess League (

Once again our A team did well, coming in at a good 4th place, beating a strong Cavendish team in the last round. Good work by captain John Hodgson! And an excellent job, too, by Angus French who lead from the front to achieve 1st place (on game points) for the B team in Division 2. The C team (also organised by Angus) fought hard to come in mid table in Division 4.

A team Queens Division (1) 4th/12 teams 7.5/11 match points

B team Bishops Division (3) 1st/12 teams 9.0/11 match points

C team Knights Division (4) 10th/18 teams 5/11 match points

Great that we have been able to welcome into the club some new faces (though playing online we are not sure what they look like!), including Phil Knott who pulled off a magnificent 10/10 for the B team. We hope to meet the new guys in the flesh as Lockdown relaxes.

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